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How Valuable Are Our Elo Ratings?

If you’ve been following our PPV previews, you may have noticed that the Elo rating predictions are currently hovering around .500. It’s a relatively small sample size, but it does make one wonder how accurate these predictions are. I’ve also received a few comments asking


TLC 2015 Preview

The final WWE PPV of the year brings us to Boston for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. No stairs this year apparently, I assume they were too heavy to transport. Let’s get to the predictions! All time results: Elo: 15-15-1 Author: 23-7-1 After a predictable Survivor


Survivor Series 2015 Preview

It was a relatively ho-hum build up for this PPV until the main event slot on Monday night, then things took a turn for the worse. On the bright side, at least it got people talking. Let’s get right into it. All time results: Elo:


Roman Reigns Made A Poor Decision On Raw

Last week in Europe, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins tore his MCL and ACL in a match against Kane during a house show. Afterwards, he was stripped of the title and it was declared that there would be a tournament to crown a new


Hell In A Cell 2015 Preview

I’ve got another visualization in the works, unfortunately it won’t be ready in time for Hell In A Cell, so let’s just get straight to the PPV preview. All-time results: Elo: 7-10-1 Author: 13-4-1 Another lackluster performance for Elo, hopefully in the next month or


Night of Champions 2015 Preview

Let’s start off by taking a look at the results of the ELO predictions and author predictions for SummerSlam: ELO Results: 5-4-1 Author Results: 7-2-1 Not the best start, but let’s see what the future holds for Night Of Champions! As with SummerSlam, matches are


New Visualization: WWE Matches By Wrestler

Today I’m launching the first of many planned visualizations for the match data we’ve grabbed from This chord diagram shows a summary of every Raw, SmackDown, and PPV match in the last 365 days.


Elo Rankings are up!

This week marks the beginning of the Kayfabermetrics ELO rankings. On both the side menu and the top navigation menu there are now links for the Elo Top 10 Page and the overall Elo Rankings Page. So what are Elo Rankings? ELO ratings are a


“The Numbers Don’t Lie”

For those wondering what the origin of the tag line for the site is, it comes from one of the greatest promos of all time from Scott Steiner in his TNA days. Presented without comment: